Victor Kalashnikov

Moscow painter Boris Vedernikov's art responds to the most inquisitive contemporary viewer, meeting the enormous demands of both the critics and lovers of art. His art reveals new insights into the dialectical interaction of the material and spiritual on the boundary of two centuries. He is at the prime of his creativity and is in search of a means of expression to achieve harmony between the material visible world and inner immaterial invisible world.

Clare Grossman BA Hons MA

Boris Vedernikov’s realist painting style offers the viewer a visual ‘reality’ obtained through closely observed interiors and carefully chosen objects. A distinctive appreciation for textures are regularly examined, their contrasts highlighted. The feel of cloth, the smooth delicate sheen, of porcelain jug, the agility of lace, the transparency of glass or the cool hazy scene viewed from a window against the warmth of its interior are collected by the artist and composed together to create intimate stories.



Created by Boris Vedernikov the artists images, originating from an endlessly charming nature, expressed in terms of realism, shows us that there are values original  and pretended, eternal and transient. And the assertion, according to which the art is the key element in the art itsef, is still considered as unshakeable. (      



Steve Smith, Idaho, соllector,  USA

Boris Vedernikov is one of the best Russian artist. Awesome! Fantastic!