1967  born in Moscow
1985 Finished Moscow Art School.
Sergey Andriyaka, 
Boris Gorbunov
1992 Graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Institute of Art (studio easel painting of Prof. V.N. Zabelin)
1993  grant-aided student of the Union of Artist of Russia
1994 joined Moscow Union of Artists
1997-2002  postgraduated of Russian Academy of Arts (easel  studio of A.P. and  S.P. Tkachevs)
2002  Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts
2012  Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts
2014  Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts
since 2012  teaches a course of oil painting in the "S.N. Andriyaka Academy of Fine Arts and watercolors"

Boris Vedernikov

In the rapidly changing world of today, a world where at times it seems a person can not be sure of the permanence of the view from the window of his personal home, time passes especially quickly as if its supply was ever less.  This race of time speeds inescapably by, distancing each of us ever further from an understanding of eternity in our lives.

Visual art, along with poetry and music are gifts to us, allowing us to touch eternity.  Through his creation, the artist testifies of eternal truth, of the life that surrounds us, of the moments of human memory and dear remembrances, of the uniqueness of nature.  This testimony, multiplied by the specific and particular style of the artist, is, in reality, true art.